Wednesday, August 26

Crock-Pot Conundrum

I purchased the 4 qt. Crock-Pot pictured at left this week from Target because I've been looking for a smaller slow cooker and this one is on sale for $17. I like to use my large Crock-Pot, but I think it would be easier to cook smaller portions (since it's just the two of us) in a smaller model.

However, when I brought it home I started having regrets. I decided to look at reviews online, which were mixed, people either loved it or they had an awful experience. Now I'm nervous if mine will be a good egg or a bad egg.

I used it for the first time today to "bake" potatoes for supper. When I checked on them early this afternoon, the potatoes were already done and it should have taken about 8 hours on low. I'll probably make something else in it later this week before I decide, but I'm wondering if I made the right choice by buying an inexpensive slow cooker.

What do you think? What are your experiences with slow cookers? What brand do you have? Should I just use my large (5.5-6 qt) Crock-Pot for everything, like I have in the past? I read that you can put a smaller oven-safe dish in a large slow cooker to cook smaller portions. Has anyone tried this?

Monday, August 24

Menu Week of August 24

Sorry I haven't been consistent with posting my weekly menus this summer. I just haven't been able to get on a good weekly schedule for a while. It's not like summer is that different for me than any other time of the year, but I guess it just feels more laid back so I'm more likely to let things slide.

Anyway, here is my plan for this week. It includes some new recipes, but also some favorites.

pork kebabs & couscous w/ scallion

Tuesday: pasta salad

Wednesday: loaded baked potatoes (will be using leftovers to make Baked Potato Soup for lunch later in the week)

Thursday: chicken stir-fry

Friday: calzones (from the freezer)