Monday, June 8

Menu Week of June 8

I'm keeping my meal plan simple this week as we are heading back to Minnesota for a week on Friday. Most of our meals are coming from the freezer. If you aren't freezing leftovers or making meals ahead, I would highly recommend it. It is great to have a freezer full of meals to heat-up and enjoy during busy weeks. Feel free to use the following meals as inspiration to start stocking your freezer.

Monday: baked ziti (Many baked pasta dishes freeze well. Follow the recipe to the point where you would bake it, then freeze instead. If baking from frozen, allow extra time or allow to thaw in the fridge then bake.)

Tuesday: jambalaya (This was leftovers from last month.)

Wednesday: soup (Make a big pot of soup and freeze. If you freeze soup flat in freezer bags, they can be stacked to save space.)

Thursday: leftovers/clean-out the fridge

Friday-next Saturday: traveling

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