Monday, April 20

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - Freezing Bacon

I've found that most recipes which include bacon only call for a few slices. Rather than cook-up the extra for breakfast, I like to freeze the rest of the package. This way I don't have to buy bacon every time I need it for a recipe. It also allows me to stock up if I find it at a good price.

Wrap slices of bacon (two together, since most recipes call for an even number) between layers of wax paper and freeze in a freezer bag. When you need bacon, simply remove the number of slices needed. Chop or leave whole and cook from frozen.

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  1. I also keep a good amount of cooked bacon in the freezer so if I need some for a breakfast burrito, salad, baked beans, I have it ready to go. I cook up a pack at a time in the oven.

  2. We never use an entire pound of bacon at a time so I always freeze it when I buy it - I open the pack - cut it straight down the middle (the long slices don't fit in my frying pan anyhow), and then take half of each side (so a 1/4 pack) and freeze in a ziplock. If for some reason I need more than the 1/4 pack, I just take out two packs.