Thursday, April 2

My Shopping Bag & Coupon Organization

In a previous post, I wrote about the produce bags I made, which made me think I should show you the rest of the items I bring shopping.

In the photo you can see the canvas bag that I try to carry with me when I go out shopping. Inside this canvas bag I keep several cloth bags (from Hornbacher's for you Fargo people), my coupon folder and shopping list, mesh bags for produce and my wallet (not pictured).

Having all this together in a tote really helps me to be prepared when I go shopping. I've noticed that when we just run out to get something, I often don't bring my tote along and I regret it. We end up with more plastic bags at home, I buy something I had a coupon for but didn't bring with, and I don't have a list, so we end up buying extra items and forgetting things we need.

This is a glimpse inside my coupon folder. (I always like to see how other people do things, so I figure other people do as well.) It is important for me to organize my coupons if I intend to use them, because if I can't find it, I can't use it.

I used an old planner that I couldn't bring myself to throw away. Then I punched holes in several large envelopes to match-up with the rings. I have 5 main categories which are represented by the envelopes (Grocery, Cold/Frozen, Health & Beauty, Home Care, & Misc.). Inside the envelopes I've used index cards with sub-categories to further divide the coupons.

Other items in my binder: calculator - handy for calculating unit prices; pen & paper for making notes; and my shopping list.

One other note: I try to "weed" my coupons at the beginning of each month to get rid of any that have expired and to file any strays.

Do you clip coupons? If so, how do you organize them?

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